Subluxation Station

The Subluxation Station is a set of 5 very specific and specialized tests to analyze a person’s nervous system.

The first test is a thermal test. It measures the temperature difference on the left and right side of the spine and compares it to normal body temperature

The second test is a surface EMG test. This EMG test measures the muscle activity along the spine to see if any muscles are in spasm.

The third test is a range of motion test. This test measures a person’s range of motion and rates it against normal range of motion for an average person fitting the same age and gender

The fourth test is a trigger point test. We use this test to measure the amount of pain a person is feeling in 1 specific spot compared to another.

The fifth and last test is called pulse wave profiler or PWP. This test measures three things at once. First it measures skin condition, second it measures skin temperature, and last it measures heart rate. It will take measurements over a period of 1 minute and then over a period of 5 minutes and average the two findings together.

With these five tests conducted correctly we can get a very good idea of what nerves are having a problem in the body and we can let the patient know what functions may be showing symptoms due to that specific nerve impingement.

Every new patient will get a nervous system scan using this station.