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Compassionate Pediatric Chiropractic in North Fort Myers

Children's Chiropractor North Fort Myers

Adelaine MendezNorth Fort Myers, FL
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"We want to thank Dr. Kerr for the incredible work she has done with our 3 month old son. Just having to take your 3 month old to therapy is something to be quite nervous about.. but Dr. Kerr has made us feel extremely comfortable and confident in her abilities to do what she does. Our son has made so much improvement with the mild torticolis & he was also in need of several physical adjustments with his spine and Sacrum. We are forever grateful for Dr. Kerr We look forward to continue working with her. Highly recommend!!!!! :)"

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How We Can Help!

Grace Medical & Chiropractic offers a variety of options for every member of your family including compassionate Pediatric Chiropractic in North Fort Myers services. This type of care caters to younger people of all ages including infants and toddlers, pre-school and school age children and adolescents.

Our Pediatric Chiropractor in North Fort Myers team understands the first two years of a child’s life are very important. This phase of essential neurological and physical growth is when these services can help children the most.

What We Do

The techniques we use are both gentle and safe. They take into account the fragility of a child’s spine and the distinct physical differences among young children, babies and infants.

At Grace Medical & Chiropractic, children’s chiropractor in North Fort Myers uses the right amount of pressure at every stage in your child’s development. For example, infants and babies receive a more subtle treatment than a child who has learned to walk and stand. Obviously, the techniques we use for a child of any age involve considerably less pressure than those applied to an adult.

Your child experiences rapid neurological and physical growth in the first two years of life. That’s what makes this type of treatment important. Pediatric chiropractic care is an essential and excellent way to support your child’s development.


One of the main reasons your child can benefit from this type of treatment is called subluxation. Simply put, this is a situation where the bones in the spine move out of position and put pressure or interfere with the spinal nerves. Constant bumps and falls and poor posture can make children vulnerable to this condition.

If left untreated, subluxation could affect your child’s well-being and health. There are a few telltale signs to look for. For example, you may notice your child arches his or her back when lying down. If your child suffers from stiffness in the head or neck and restricted movement, you should contact our chiropractic clinic.

Along with Pediatric Chiropractic care, our professionals stress pregnant women should consider using our services for different reasons

First and foremost, spinal alignment can be affected by nine months of pregnancy. This alignment plays an important role in the birthing process. In fact, if something’s off with your spinal alignment, the birth itself could be more difficult.

Grace Medical & Chiropractic offers Pediatric Chiropractic North Fort Myers treatments because we want everyone in your family to be healthy. Looking for children’s chiropractor in North Fort Myers, call us today.

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