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Proadjuster Instrument Adjusting North Fort Myers

North Fort Myers Proadjuster

Sandra DrakeNorth Fort Myers, FL
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"Very kind and effective chiropractors. My hip and lower back is soooo much better. Everyone there is helpful and happy. God bless them!!"

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How We Can Help!

Grace Medical & Chiropractic is dedicated to alleviating your suffering. We treat low back pain, mid back pain and neck pain resulting from auto, sports and work injuries. We champion the techniques that get the best results. That’s why proadjuster instrument adjusting in North Fort Myers is one of our services.

Please read on to find out what this innovative treatment is and how it can help.

How Does It Work?

We are always on the cutting-edge of the latest technology. The Proadjuster instrument was originally designed by NASA as part of a growing trend within the profession. The proadjuster is a computer-based adjustment instrument in North Fort Myers clinic.

It provides an adjustment chiropractor in North Fort Myers with detailed critical data concerning spinal joints and soft tissues. This device measures joint and muscle tension in the back and neck. This instrument is FDA approved. What’s more, it’s not only a tool for analysis but also delivers spinal adjustments that are gentle.

This is an excellent alternative to what we call a hands-on adjustment. For the entire session, our patients remain seated. This means there is no turning, twisting, cracking or popping while using this innovation.

People who are looking for an alternative to traditional chiropractic treatments will benefit from this innovative instrument. The device uses a sensor to find only those misaligned vertebrae that need to be adjusted.

This treatment is both comfortable and efficient. The adjustment chiropractor in North Fort Myers delivers the adjusting force to the vertebrae through this interactive technology.

Any of the scans and/or adjustments made during the session are displayed on a monitor. You’ll be able to see the progress as your treatment moves along.

This small handheld device targets the areas that need to be treated with an impulse. It’s designed specifically to help people with the flexibility and mobility of their spines. The device itself uses comfortable soft tips.

The technical knowledge has been used by engineers to test for fatigue in bridge spans and aircraft. It’s the height of modern technology that analyzes tissues and joints with the most precise measurements.

Proadjuster instrument adjusting North Fort Myers is efficient and painless.

If you want to learn more about this procedure and how it can help you with a variety of spinal issues, get in touch today. In order to know more details about proadjuster instrument in North Fort Myers, call us today.

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